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Paul Michael Terrebonne

Paul Michael Terrebonne
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Paul and Mommy

Paul and Mommy
What A CUTE Boy...!

Finally Updated Our Blog!!!

So...grateful for this blog and the opportunity to give our testimony about our son, Paul. Our prayer is that the blog will be a blessing to you and your family and hopefully it will he a help to those families that have a disable child or adult. Our Son, Paul, is now 28 years old, and has gone though many, many issues. PLEASE pray for Paul and God's leading in his life!

May you prayerfully take our journey with us...

So Much More!!!

There is So...more in our book than is in this will read about the stuggles that we faced as we tried to rear Paul with his disabilities and still tried to keep our Christian testimony. You will be surprised and blessed when you open its pages! It is now being sold at our church's bookstore!!! Also there are now three pages on this blog with lots of info on the second and third one. We Hope and Pray This Site Will Be a Blessing And A Help To ALL!!!

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What About Paul? How I have Up My Broken Dreams By Jad Terrebonne

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mrs. Beverly Hyles!

-February 14-

I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY
to our church's former first lady,
Mrs. Beverly Hyles.

What a GREAT LADY! She is 80 years
old today. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Hyles.
I Love You!!!

God Bless You,